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Who are we?

Daoud Oussakouteworked for 15 years with a French tour operator in the Sahara. From Morocco to Libya. 4x4 driving instructor graduated. He has his own tourist transport license he accompanies his clients. A Morocco to discover off the beaten track.

A saharian guide for more than twenty five years, Eric Milet is a specialist in the Arab-Berber world. He has published many works about Saharian nomade cultures. His books are an important reference for people with a great desire to discover Morocco and its culture. All his work has been edited by Arthaud publishing house.




There are thousands of ways to travel, collecting all the details through the days catching fleet impressions like the name of villages and places, smells either from Marrakesh spices souk or the ones from seafood market in Essaouira, the scent of warm bread soaked in olive oil as breakfast in he heart of Atlas, or the essence of mint tea carried by the wind of the desert.


Plein Desert brings the traveling spirit for all the adventures.  We have chosen different routes based on discovered places, different experiences with people and the magic of a culture.

Our routes allow the travelers to approach the most authentic Morocco. It would reveal the country unexpected areas, far from clichés and preconceived ideas.


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